This is an experimental repository with some native code (target for linux) to proxy some libc calls and by doing this being able to monitor what native aplications and any language based on an interpreter is trying to do at lower level.

Use cases

Monitor python script network system calls and output print

Here we create a simple python application application called which basically opens a connection, sends some data and then closes the connection. The code is as simple as:

import socket

port = 10000

s = socket.socket()
s.send("Hello there\r")

Since this assumes port 10000 open on we need to enforce this assumption by opening it, we can do this with

nc -vlk 10000

The next step consists in running the program and finding the libc call responsible to send the data into the network. We need to do this in two steps, first we need to list all libc symbols and then we need to trace the running script to find which is the one being called. So first we output all libc symbols into a file

nm -D /lib/x86_64-linux-gnu/ > libc_symbs.txt

and then run the script with

strace python 2> send_socket_data.strace

With this we run the python script and redirect all the system calls into a file

The following step consists in finding where the token Hello there" is on the strace output, we find that

sendto(3, "Hello there\r", 12, 0, NULL, 0)

So the next step is to find if we got some symbol sendto in the libc. We found that the signature is

ssize_t sendto(
  int sockfd, const void * buf,
  size_t len, int flags,
  const struct sockaddr * dest_addr,
  socklen_t addrlen


ssize_t send(
    int sockfd,
    const void * buf,
    size_t len,
    int flags

So the next step consists in create a shared object with proxy for this call and fetch it, with LDPRELOAD, into the running script. For that we can inject before the command or export the LDPRELOAD on the shell environment

LD_PRELOAD=./ python

If this doesn't work the reason is explained here. So as said in the article you need to recompile your python with the option of position independent code in shared libraries so you need to do this

./configure --enable-shared

With the new version of python interpreter installed you can run the script with this

LD_PRELOAD=./ ~/Downloads/Python-3.5.1/python

The output of the previous command will return the print of write and send system calls as well as the print("Hello master wayne") Python instruction.

send_call: Hello there
write_call: Hello master wayne

Hello master wayne

Monitoring network operations

A java tool called httpstress is used to stress test http servers and basically does a bunch of get requests stress testing purposes.

LD_PRELOAD=./ java -cp
com.balhau.apps.httpstress 2 2 2> stress.txt

You can check on the stress.txt all the system call logging and the data passed to it

More uses

By using a tool like strace and a system call proxy lib you can fine tune the interception of calls and by doing so you can do a more refined reverse engineering of any program in any programming language, since this will intercept the native calls as well as the interpreter of non native programming languages. Here we exemplified how to intercept calls in native program as well as in two non native ones like Python and Java.

Other than interception mechanism you can change data passed to the system calls and by this way you can change behaviour in runtime. This can be useful when creating mechanisms to override certain security mechanisms and/or to understand better the behaviour by controlling the data passed in certain calls.

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