Lately I've been keen to learn a new language. This time a native compiled language. Some time ago I look into the Go programming language. I must confess that at first I didn't saw many interesting applications by wich I could apply this programming language. I already work with a bunch of programming languages, from higher level to lower ones. I was just interested in learning the syntax of the language and explore new ways of writing the same ideas but with a different hammer. Some months after this initial thoughts I found that I lost my Euler Project account and most probably me history of problems solved. I was a little bit sad I must confess, however I also noted that it would be an awesome opportunity to learn a new languague while resolving the problems I had already solved years ago. I created a git repository on my server and start redoing all the work with the go programming language as a primary tool.
This process taught me a valuable lesson. That we can use old problems and ideas to learn new tools, and conversely that we can use old tools to solve new problems. These are interchangeable ideas and concepts that we can exploit to motivate us to do some stuff that otherwise we would feel to much bored to do.

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